Kids Wont Sleep?

We can help!


Nap O'Clock is simple yet effective white-noise generator designed to calm and help your loved one to sleep using one of five popular sounds

  • Womb
  • Rain
  • Fan
  • Shhh
  • Vacuum

Soothing sounds from your phone

Soothing sounds from your phone

Do you want the freedom to play gentle sounds to lull your loved ones to sleep? Don't want to spend money on expensive white noise generating equipment? Just download the Nap O'Clock app for free from the Apple App store for your iPhone or iPad or the Google Play store for a comparable Android device and pick the sound you want to play.

Gentle sounds from your Apple Watch

Gentle sounds from your Apple Watch

Do you want to hold your loved ones close without having to hold a white noise generating device? With Nap O'Clock and an Apple Watch you can hold your loved ones close while your Apple Watch plays the same gentle and soothing nap sounds from your watch.

Hands free white noise

Hands free white noise

Needs some assistance? Just ask Alexa for some help! If you install the free Alexa intent you can play all the same Nap O'Clock sounds from your Amazon Echo devices, just ask Alexa!


It's free and unlimited!

We aren't looking for money, just want to help.

No sign-up, no tracking

We do not require you to sign up to use the Nap O'Clock app, nor do we track your usage. Just download and use.

Simple to use

Just download the app, play a sound. Simple!

Use anywhere

Use on an iOS or Android phone, tablet, Apple Watch or even an Amazon Echo.

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"I love this tool so easy!"

Alan Stang

"I've used these kinds of apps before, but this was alot easier and I love the Alexa app."

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